FEATURED BOOK for November, 2000
American Military  and Political Geographies of Spitsbergen and Other Norwegian Polar Territories, 1941-1950
Edited by P. J. Capelotti
192 pp.,  63 photographs, maps, glossary illustrations, bibliography, appendices, index
Published by McFarland & Company, Inc.
ISBN 078640759X    September, 2000
US$45  softcover (7 x 10)
From the publisher . . .  "Norway's Spitsbergen Archipelago, known as Svalbard to the Norwegians, is of increasing interest to Arctic scholars and geographers, as well as to military historians and analysts of strategy. It was the farthest northern battleground between German and Allied forces in World War II, it became a political arena for Soviet and U.S. competition during the Cold War, it is now a field of conflict for fishing rights and cultural resource protection, and it serves as a laboratory for the study of global warming; this unique island group occupies a fascinating place in European, Russian, and American affairs.
   Here, for the first time, is the complete report compiled by U.S. Intelligence at the beginning of World War II evaluating the islands both geographically and militarily, as well as a report on the archipelago produced by the CIA in 1950. This comprehensive report--never superseded in the years since--has been edited and introduced by P. J. Capelotti. It provides in great detail the American perspective on these islands and their strategic, economic, and geologic value."
About the author . . .  P. J. Capelotti teaches anthropology and American Studies at Penn State University. He lives in Abington, Pennsylvania.
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Author and archeologist, P. J. Capelotti (right) and Svalbard historian, Per Kyrre Reymert beside the wreck of a World War II era German Junkers Ju88 aircraft near Longyearbyen, Svalbard, summer 1999. This is believed to be the northernmost crash site from WW II. The Svalbard Archipelago contains details of German and Allied activities in Svalbard during WW II.
Photo: P. J. Capelotti collection.
Map: Copyright © 2000 PolarFlight Research Forum
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For additional information on German and Allied activities in Svalbard, World War II's northernmost battleground, we recommend Icemen - the History of the Arctic and its Explorers. This is the companion book to the television documentary series.
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