PolarFlight Research Forum is publishing on the web a series of short (approximately 300-500 word) articles with a North Polar Regions theme. In particular, we are looking for fresh, new and innovative approaches. Preference will be given to articles that have a unique perspective and/or contain little-known or newly-discovered factual information. Articles can pertain to any aspect of the North Polar Regions. Please, no articles on Antarctica or articles that are overtly commercial in nature, such as ones designed solely to promote and publicize travel, expeditions, and other ventures.
1.  Articles must be the original work of the author and should be approximately 300-500 words in length, English language only, submitted in MS Word as an e-mail attachment. Please (click here) for the preferred format to be used. In addition, submissions must contain the following:
a.  At least one illustration (photo, map, drawing, etc.) in jpg. or .gif format only. More than one illustration, up to a maximum of five, is preferred. Be sure that illustrations are in the public domain or that you have secured permission to use copyrighted material. You may, of course, retain rights to any original material.
b.  Suggestions for Further Reading section: At least one book that is related to the subject of the article must be listed. Books can be either contemporary and readily available or out-of-print and available through libraries and used book dealers. Please add a short comment or two about the book(s).
c.  Very short statement about the author telling us something about yourself. Two or three lines is sufficient.
d.  For More Information section: link(s) to related website(s).
For a sample article, please (click here).
2.  Before submitting anything, query first with your ideas to polarflight@articmail.com Usually a one-paragraph description is sufficient. You will receive confirmation of your query and may be asked for additional details or receive suggestions and a deadline for submitting. Please feel free to e-mail at any time with any questions you might have.
3.  At present there is no monetary compensation although we anticipate in the future offering a small stipend for articles. However there is, if applicable, ample opportunity for contributors to list and publicize any books or articles they have written and to include links to their websites. This is also a good outlet for aspiring writers to see their names and writing in print and to make themselves and their expertise known to a wide audience!
4.  PolarFlight Research Forum reserves the right to reject any articles and to edit submitted articles at our discretion. Accepted articles will be published on the PolarFlight Research Forum's "PolarFlight Online" website and will receive promotion throughout the web-based polar community.
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